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Our insurance specialists can offer a wide variety of coverage options for your boat, jet ski or personal watercraft. Some boats or smaller watercraft may even be covered under your current homeowners policy. The size, type and value of your boat, personal watercraft or jet ski will be part of the determining factors in evaluating your insurance coverage needs.

Owning a boat or other personal watercraft can provide multiple opportunities for fun, sun and surf. However, your vessel will cost you a lot of money over the years. Enroll in boat insurance with the help of Iowa Insurance Store, and you’ll be able to protect your vessel following challenging damages.

What is PWC insurance?

Your boat or personal watercraft (PWC), whether sail- or engine-driven, is a piece of machinery. It costs money, and it poses security risks to itself, its passengers and others on the water.

PWC insurance can therefore provide the financial resources you need to recover from accidents that damage the vessel or harm others.

You’ll be able to go out and have fun without having to worry that you don’t have protection backing you up. Coverage will give you peace of mind whenever you set sail.

Why do you need insurance for your boat or personal watercraft?

You'll enjoy the water even more when you're not worried about the safety of yourself, your passengers or your investment. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you're in an accident or your watercraft is stolen, it costs money, often a lot of money, to fix or replace it.
  • If you or any passengers are injured in an accident, medical costs can be extremely expensive.
  • If your watercraft is responsible for damage or injury to others, you may be sued for much more than you're worth.
  • Your watercraft also needs protection when it's on land. Accidents can happen while towing a watercraft.

What does insurance cover on a boat?

Boat insurance comes in various shapes and sizes. Comprehensive policies can include:

Liability insurance: This coverage will apply if you are at-fault for an accident that causes harm to third parties. For example, if you hit another boat and cause damage, this coverage can pay for your losses. In most cases, coverage will apply to third-party bodily injuries and property damage. Coverage might also apply to the losses of guests on your own boat.

Hull coverage: Coverage can repair or replace your vessel after damage.

If you must replace a totaled boat, you’ll need to work with your agent to determine the appropriate payout limits. You generally must choose between a couple of options:

  • Agreed hull coverage: When you buy your policy, you and your agent will agree on the total payment it will provide to replace a total loss.
  • Cash value coverage: This coverage will only pay the depreciated market value of the vessel at the time of the accident. Therefore, you often won’t receive the full value for the lost boat.

Hull coverage can often protect you after damage from collision and non-collision incidents. For example, both wreck damage and damage from weather or fire often have coverage.

Does boat insurance cover sinking?

Salvage assistance: If your boat sinks or otherwise founders, coverage can help with salvage or recovery.

  • Coverage can also help you pay for pollution or fuel-spill cleanups. This usually comes in the form of pollution liability coverage.

Medical coverage: Following injuries to you, your family or your passengers this coverage can help supplement health insurance to pay for injury costs.

Uninsured/underinsured coverage: Should another boater hit you, you might be able to use their liability coverage to pay for your own damage. However, there is no guarantee that individual will have appropriate liability coverage for your needs. Uninsured/underinsured coverage allows you to make repairs using your own policy.

Fishing Gear insurance: Coverage can extend to your fishing materials like tackle, rods and reels.

  • You can also add possessions insurance to your policy. It can help you replace personal items like cell phones, clothing or sporting gear.

Watersports insurance: This is an insurance supplement that can extend a limit of coverage to specialty water equipment. Coverage might apply to water skis, scuba equipment, inflatable floats and more.

Polices can also offer a variety of other services, including:

  • Towing coverage
  • Equipment or engine breakdown insurance
  • Roadside assistance

Talk to one of our agents at 515-964-2927 about your plan’s provisions.

How much does insurance cost for a boat or jet ski?

Boat/PWC insurance is critical for your personal security, so you need to carry it. However, you shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices for your coverage.

Your individual policy premium will vary due to certain factors. These might include things like:

  • The boat’s value and specifications
  • The amount of coverage you buy
  • Your claims and accident history
  • Your age and gender
  • Your chosen policy deductible 

Iowa Insurance Store’s agents will weigh factors like these to help you determine the most affordable cost for your coverage. Don’t hesitate to ask about the various boat insurance discounts that can help you reduce your costs.

Things to consider and questions to ask your agent

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare for the discussion:

  • How much should I budget for insurance if your boat or personal watercraft is in an accident, damaged or stolen?
  • Is my boat or watercraft covered for use year-round?
  • What discounts and programs are available?
  • How much medical insurance and liability coverage is enough?
  • Do I have coverage if I need to have my boat towed in an emergency?
  • What's the process for filing and settling a claim?
  • Does the insurance company have a good reputation for customer service? Is it known for paying claims fairly and promptly?
  • Home and auto insurance policies may provide limited coverage for personal watercraft. Talk to your insurance representative about coverage limits. You may want to consider purchasing a personal watercraft policy to protect yourself and your water vehicle in the event of an accident.

Our Commitment to You

Iowa Insurance Store promises to help all our clients obtain boat insurance that targets their needs without breaking the bank. We offer expert service that can help every boater determine and enroll in the appropriate policies. 


Contact our insurance specialists today at 515-964-2927 we can assist you in finding the right watercraft insurance for your needs and budget.  

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